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Our day trading blog is designed to cover details about all of our trading endeavors around the world. The goal of the DTA day trading blog is to teach all of our traders how to understand the market. This way everyone that we teach is able to trade on their own without the need for indicators and software.

We teach all of our traders on the E-mini Futures markets the principles needed to trade any kind of financial product around the world. Our day trading centers in Brazil and Colombia have seen tremendous results in both local markets and those in the United States.

Stay tuned here on the day trading blog to find out more about our trader's results, how our international day trading centers are progressing, and also updates to our day trading mentorship and training program. The concepts shown here are being applied to a new private equity fund that we are managing to bring investors very high yielding returns.

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Live Trading Recordings, September Recap, Up $25,790.40 Overall Today

by Marcello Arrambide on October 6, 2015

There is blood in the streets. China caught a cold and it has spread throughout the world markets. Have no fear however… When things get bad traders actually do better. With the drop in the markets in September (which we predicted by the way) the volatility has exploded. The volume has increased to levels we have […]

Trading stock alerts

254.90% Returns in August – 23.17% Average for our Master Trader Stock Alerts

by Marcello Arrambide on September 1, 2015

So it happened… The worst three day decline in the history of the American stock market. Not to say that this was necessarily a bad thing. Frankly, the worse things get the better it actually is for day traders. Most people don’t realize that traders thrive in volatile markets.  We make more money when the […]

How to make money in a recession and economic crisis

Making Money In An Economic Crisis & Recession

by Marcello Arrambide on July 23, 2015

Making money in an economic crisis is hard isn’t it? That is the common question many have directed at me over the last few years. Can I make money day trading in a recession? The truth is, things are tough out there. The global economy hasn’t recovered since the 2008 crisis. The rich are getting […]

Day Trading and Traveling in Santorini Greece

$9,908.40 in Profits, 5 Target Fills, June 21st Recap

by Marcello Arrambide on July 21, 2015

What an amazing few weeks it has been. Normally during the summer months, there is more limited volume and movement. One of the advantages of understanding the market properly, is that it doesn’t matter what the market is doing. Good Movement. Bad Movement. It Doesn’t Matter. While the volume and volatility may dip, we are still […]

Day Traders Lifestyle

Day Trader’s Lifestyle: Epic Eiffel Tower View in Paris

by Marcello Arrambide on July 8, 2015

Our Day Trader’s Lifestyle has allowed us to reach… Paris. We have scoured the beaches of Brazil. Viewed the majestic beauty of her majesty’s Taj Mahal. Swam in the Epic Infinity Pool in Singapore. We have even (glamorously) traded on top of a freezer, tipped over sideways and on top of a ping pong table, in […]


One Trade at a Time…

by The Hit Man on June 12, 2015

This article is adapted from an email response by our very own Master Trader Nikolai to one of our promising pro traders. The key to trading well is to truly understand and habituate a discrete process – one trade at a time, every trade is for itself. Emotions tend to carry-over from one premise to the […]


The Week Isn’t Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

by Marcello Arrambide on June 11, 2015

The market has been rallying this week and we have seen a exceptional movement for trading.  We wanted to share last weeks results in the meantime because we have seen absolutely amazing market activity. Many of our traders have been able to excel in this type of environment. One of the most important things in learning […]


Nikolai’s Live Trading Video May 27th 2015

by Marcello Arrambide on May 28, 2015

Nothing like hearing from the Hit Man in real time.. check back here on the trading blog to get more updates! His May 27th 2015 Charts from our live class this morning

How To Fix Problem With Tick Data – CQG/Continuum/Rithmic Feed – CME MDP 3.0

by Marcello Arrambide on May 13, 2015

How To Fix Problem With Tick Data – CQG/Continuum/Rithmic Feed – CME MDP 3.0

0429 NinjaTrader Chart

Recap Of Our Student Charts From Today’s Live Class

by Marcello Arrambide on April 29, 2015

Want to thank everyone who joins us for the live market analysis class this morning. Even with one of the biggest news items of the year, FOMC, and a completely sideways market, we were able to extract roughly 6 pts (for beginners) from the market in roughly 1 hour. I wanted to share the charts […]