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Our day trading blog is designed to cover details about all of our trading endeavors around the world. The goal of the DTA day trading blog is to teach all of our traders how to understand the market. This way everyone that we teach is able to trade on their own without the need for indicators and software.

We teach all of our traders on the E-mini Futures markets the principles needed to trade any kind of financial product around the world. Our day trading centers in Brazil and Colombia have seen tremendous results in both local markets and those in the United States.

Stay tuned here on the day trading blog to find out more about our trader's results, how our international day trading centers are progressing, and also updates to our day trading mentorship and training program. The concepts shown here are being applied to a new private equity fund that we are managing to bring investors very high yielding returns.

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Master Trader Dr. Z Live Trade Recording: 2.5 Pts/$1250 On A Scalp

by Marcello Arrambide on February 4, 2015

Our Master Trader, Dr. Z is at it again.  We love being able to show a bit of insight on how our Master Traders are able to extract consistent profits about the market daily. Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to peruse our recaps and trading pages for more updates. If you […]

Casa Pombo Cartagena

The Life Of A Trader: Our Master Trader Retreat in Cartagena

by Marcello Arrambide on January 29, 2015

When we started The Day Trading Academy we had a vision. Although we were day trading and traveling on our own it wasn’t that much fun. Not when we could trade other traders to do the same. To have their freedom and have the ability to live life the way it was meant to. We […]

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

House Hunters International Episode – Our First Day Trading Center.

by Marcello Arrambide on January 26, 2015

So excited to share this House Hunters International Episode which features our founder, Marcello Arrambide, when purchasing a 5 bedroom penthouse in the city of eternal spring, Medellin, Colombia. The property is for all of our traders with The Day Trading Academy to use. We do most of our training online and this will be our […]


Jan 21st Live Class Recording & Amazing Results By Our Traders

by Marcello Arrambide on January 22, 2015

The market isn’t giving up this year. No sir. With so much uncertainty in the world the volatility and volume has continued to increase. The European Union just announced QE (money printing) which will help Gold and Silver continue to rise. If you don’t remember we recommended you buy silver and gold on Aug 19, Nov 18, Dec […]

DTA Chart

Market Review and Expectations January 16 2015

by Dr. Z on January 16, 2015

Something new that we may be starting with our day trading recaps. Enjoy!

Superman Trader

An Honor To The Trader That Inspires Us All: Superman

by Marcello Arrambide on January 16, 2015

In honor to one of the best traders that inspire us all. On our recent Master Trader retreat we wanted to send a tribute to the man. Superman. The man known as none other than Jim Steel. We visited the gorgeous historical colonial streets of Cartagena, Colombia. Afterwards, we held our first full week live trading session with […]


10 Things To Keep In Mind For The New Year

by Manny on January 15, 2015

In the spirit of a new year I wanted to share ten points to bear in mind as you progress through the year.  These are basic principles that I have practiced and have been a blessing in my life. Be Grateful Thankfulness breeds happiness and contentment.  Gratefulness infuses every moment with meaning and value Be […]


Dr. Z Records His Live Trades – 3 pts. Super Man Clears 20+, Manny 5 Pts

by Marcello Arrambide on January 14, 2015

We have officially taken off running in 2015. The current retracement that the market is offering has been a blessing. While the whole world worries about the markets going red in 2015 we are taking advantage of every opportunity.  Every time the market retraces (on the macro daily chart) and  it seems like a market […]


First Casualty of 2015: Dr.Z Makes 5.5 Points (Live Trade Recording)

by Marcello Arrambide on January 7, 2015

We haven’t been able publish the recap of our amazing year in 2014 just yet. Thank the beautiful movement in the markets so far this year. With another retracement approaching in major equity markets around the world market volumes have skyrocketed.  This of course is great news for our traders since we thrive in these kind of […]

ES Daily

So The Best Day Of December Just Happened – Our Student Traders Killed It

by Marcello Arrambide on December 9, 2014

So that just happened. No it wasn’t that China just surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world. No, the best day of December just graced us with its presence. The reason the volatility spiked is because of the overnight session where everything was crashing it seemed. Surely that brought selling pressure […]