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Our day trading blog is designed to cover details about all of our trading endeavors around the world. The goal of the DTA day trading blog is to teach all of our traders how to understand the market. This way everyone that we teach is able to trade on their own without the need for indicators and software.

We teach all of our traders on the E-mini Futures markets the principles needed to trade any kind of financial product around the world. Our day trading centers in Brazil and Colombia have seen tremendous results in both local markets and those in the United States.

Stay tuned here on the day trading blog to find out more about our trader's results, how our international day trading centers are progressing, and also updates to our day trading mentorship and training program. The concepts shown here are being applied to a new private equity fund that we are managing to bring investors very high yielding returns.

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So The Best Day Of December Just Happened - Our Student Traders Killed It

by Marcello Arrambide on December 9, 2014

So that just happened. No it wasn't that China just surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world. No, the best day of December just graced us with its presence. The reason the volatility spiked is because of the overnight session where everything was crashing it seemed. Surely that brought selling pressure [...]

Dec 3rd Live Class Recording Recap

by Marcello Arrambide on December 9, 2014

We always record all of our live classes for our traders so they can access them at any time of the day. Our last public recording was in August so we though it would be great to have another one! The volume was low but we saw very  good movement. When a trader can understand market [...]

day trading in rio de janeiro

Day In The Life Of A Trader: Penthouse Edition

by Marcello Arrambide on December 4, 2014

Beaches of Brazil The day in the life of a trader brings us from Cartagena, Colombia, all the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is one thing to be able to travel around the world on your own. It is something completely different when you are able to travel with your friends and family. [...]


Our New Managed Accounts Unit: 7th & 8th Colombian Traders Go Live

by Marcello Arrambide on December 2, 2014

It is my pleasure to present the managed accounts team at The Day Trading Academy.  Over the course of the last year we have been creating and developing our day trading centers around the world. For those of you that are new to the site you may not know about our new Colombian Trading Center. [...]


$20,000 Open Live Trade & Swiss Votes No On Gold!

by Marcello Arrambide on December 1, 2014

The markets so far this year have been quite volatile. With so much uncertainty in the global markets movement and chaos around the world we have been seeing excellent movement. The recent Swiss vote on gold also spiked the markets as well and sent Gold, Silver, and many other commodities collapsing. They may recover during trading [...]


Colombian Traders Continue To Dominate

by Marcello Arrambide on November 14, 2014

It is one thing to be able to make money on your own but to give someone the ability to do that is something special. This is precisely one of the reasons we have decided to open up day trading centers around the world. Our first day trading center in Medellin has proved that we [...]

Garopaba Brazil

Colombian Traders DOMINATE This Week & Scouting Locations: Brazil Trading Center

by Marcello Arrambide on November 7, 2014

We just returned from our Master Trader Retreat in Brazil (and Colombia). October has been a month with the highest volatility in recent history. That movement seems to be continuing. Our Colombian traders and trading center has been growing much faster than anticipated.  So far they have gained $17,000 in profits on Gold this week. This [...]


Remember Yesterday's Position of $11,000? We Just Closed It For $12,260 In Profits

by Marcello Arrambide on November 4, 2014

Presented with no comment? Great movement in the market so far the last few days. Click to maximize chart. See more on the day trading and investing blogs.  

Day Trading in Brazil and Sightseeing

Colombian Trader's Up $11,000, Sneak Peak at Our First Master Trader Retreat

by Marcello Arrambide on November 3, 2014

The last few weeks have been something very special for us at The Day Trading Academy (DTA). Everyone always asks.... Why do you teach if you can make your own money day trading? Let me provide a bit of insight. Quite some time ago I was contacted by a handful of traders (over 20 to be exact) [...]

Trading in Colombia

The Mona Lisa Trade: 10.25 Points!!!

by Marcello Arrambide on October 15, 2014

Military Training. One on one live trading with one of our Master Traders. Now we are in Medellin, Colombia for our first MTU. Military Training University. This is where we have a small group of people and a handful of our master traders trade in a live market environment.  Everyone from our in house traders, [...]