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The Investing blog looks for the best investments around the world to counteract the continuing devaluation of the US Dollar and constant government intervention around the world. We look at the market from a global perspective and are also providing our expertise to a prominent private equity fund based in Calgary, Canada.

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The Present Economic Dead End In Leftist Latin American Politics

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 8, 2015

During the global commodity boom that lasted most of the 21st century, there was little impetus for economic and financial reforms in Latin America. The world economy was generating sufficient growth to lift some 60 million people out of abject poverty in South America alone. The middle class was growing rapidly, as investors in the […]


The Rabbit Hole That Is Greece

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 1, 2015

Once again,voters in Greece chose to descend into the rabbit hole. They continue to believe the fantasy that the country can continue to live beyond the present means of the Greek economy. By returning to office the anti-austerity candidate, the Greek people let it be known that emotion and impressions triumph common sense. They will […]


A Migration Crisis Will Fracture The European Union

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 29, 2015

Europe barely survived the debt crisis and the near sovereign default in Greece when the next issue has now been thrust upon central authorities. The deluge of refugees arriving from the Middle East and North Africa is threatening to undo what has taken a generation or two to achieve. Analysts are already questioning if European […]


In The Global Economy Rises In Interest Rates Will Be Hard To Sustain

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 24, 2015

In response to the financial crisis of 2008 and the resulting economic downturn, the major central banks of the world responded by lowering interest rates dramatically. At the time it was determined that this would be the way to restore confidence in the markets and to keep enough liquidity in the economy. It would also […]

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Canada Facing Economic Recession And Political Hard Choices

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 22, 2015

Earlier this month the government of Canada was finally forced to admit that the country had been in recession for the first half of 2015. The news could not have arrived at a worse time for the incumbent conservative Prime Minister Harper, facing upcoming national elections in October. A number of investors have recently soured […]


The Refugee Crisis In Europe: The Price For A Failed Foreign Policy

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 17, 2015

One only has to observe the chaos occurring in Southern and Southeastern Europe to understand the something has gone seriously wrong. Hundreds of thousands of refugees began migrating from the Middle East and North Africa this summer in numbers unseen in Europe since the end of the 1940’s. The citizens of Europe are now discovering […]


The Politics Of Appeasement In The Age Of Obama

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 15, 2015

Historically, we have been in this present predicament before. A time when the world, particularly the western democracies are weary of war. The populace soon chooses to elect leaders that reflect that sentiment in the hope that there will be a return to normalcy. These politicians came to power with the promise to end war […]


The End Of Rapid Growth In China

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 10, 2015

An end of an era arrived in China during the summer of 2015. For investors the ongoing downward trend in the domestic market, finally culminated in a massive sell off that occurred on August 24th. Chinese officials watched in disbelief, as 8.5% of stock valuation disappeared in a matter of hours. It has since been […]

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The Economy Of Brazil: Where Is The Growth?

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 3, 2015

The beginning of the 21st century was full promise for Brazil. This was going to be the time when the country would move from being an emerging market to the status of developed first world nation, within the first two decades. Economic growth accelerated from 3% in 2002 to 6% by 2007. After a brief interruption […]


The Next Round Of Quantitative Easing In The United States Is Coming Soon

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on September 1, 2015

As the controversy about raising interest rates slightly continues to dominant the headlines and investors worry about the impact this would have on the markets, little attention is being given to the rapid slowdown in global growth. In the developed world only two countries are making plans to raise interest rates in 2015. Both the […]