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Our Global Investing Blog highlights opportunities in markets around the world. We look for opportunities in international stocks, real estate, commodities, and also bonds. The advice and recommendations are provided here are indicative of what we look for in our own investments

The Investing blog looks for the best investments around the world to counteract the continuing devaluation of the US Dollar and constant government intervention around the world. We look at the market from a global perspective and are also providing our expertise to a prominent private equity fund based in Calgary, Canada.

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A Nuclear Armed Iran Will Increase Economic Insecurity In The Middle East

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 20, 2014

Many international investors are well aware that the deadline for a nuclear agreement between Iran and the West is November 24th. It has become a contest of wills between the United States government and the Iranian mullahs. The fear in the United States is that the Obama Administration desperate for a deal, will give away [...]


For Investors A Game Changer In Gold Has Arrived

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 18, 2014

Investors will see a new movement in international markets when it comes to gold. On November 30th, the citizens of Switzerland will decide the financial fate of their country when it comes to monetary stability and the value of their currency. A yes vote for the proposed Save Our Swiss Gold Initiative, would dramatically change [...]


Brazil Narrowly Votes For Continuing Stagnation

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 13, 2014

For investors in Brazil, the re-election of President Dilma Rousseff with 51.6% of the vote in a runoff, indicates that the nation is divided on what future political course their country should take. It will have serious economic consequences. Although Ms. Rousseff promised to reunite the nation after a acrimonious political battle with her rival [...]

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The World Of Business And Investment After The 2014 United States Elections

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 11, 2014

Investors will now want  to know what are the implications for business and investment, with the Republican sweep of both houses of Congress. This outcome was predicted the last time, by this writer on August 25th. In the House of Representatives, the Republicans now have the largest majority since the 1920's, with the likelihood of [...]


Saudi Arabia Continues To Use Oil As A Economic And Foreign Policy Weapon

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 6, 2014

Investors in oil and natural gas saw world prices for fossil fuels decline even further with the latest action by Saudi Arabia. Oil is now at a lower point in price than has been seen in more than four years. The Saudis unexpectedly announced that crude sold in the United States from them would experience [...]


Quantitative Easing In Japan Gaining Dangerous New Impetus

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on November 4, 2014

International investors observed the ending of Quantitative Easing in the United States last month.  This was good news for more traditional economic voices around the world.  However, at the same time Quantitative Easing (QE)  has gained new impetus in Japan over the past week. QE which is the long term asset purchase by a central [...]


Time For Investors To Take Another Look At Coal

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 30, 2014

Most investors in energy have no idea that coal continues to be the cheapest fuel for generating electricity and heat in most parts of the world. Despite the efforts of environmentalists and some national leaders to move to alternative and renewable fuels the worldwide demand for coal proceeds to grow. Coal will remain the essential [...]


Down In Mexico Where The Investments Can Grow

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 28, 2014

An investment in the growing economy in Mexico can make sense to take advantage of the abundance of natural resources and relatively low wage structure. Mexico is the 14th largest economy in the world. In PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) it ranks 10th globally. In Latin America it is the second largest economy after Brazil. The [...]


With Oil Prices Plummeting Investors Can Now Expect A Sovereign Default In Venezuela

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 23, 2014

Investors have now seen oil prices decline by at least 25% since June. It is the bright spot in the present slow down in the global economy and the roiling stock markets around the world. It is a welcome relief to consumers in East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. It is estimated [...]


For Investors A New Era Of Lower Oil Prices Has Unwittingly Arrived

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on October 14, 2014

Investors in energy have watched the United States go from the 3rd largest producer of oil in 2013, to the largest in the world this year. American production has overtaken both Russia the former largest producer, and Saudi Arabia. The United States had already become the largest natural gas producer in 2010, thanks to hydraulic [...]