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The Investing blog looks for the best investments around the world to counteract the continuing devaluation of the US Dollar and constant government intervention around the world. We look at the market from a global perspective and are also providing our expertise to a prominent private equity fund based in Calgary, Canada.

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China’s Latest Efforts At Monetary Stimulus

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 23, 2015

In an effort to encourage investment within China, the government has further relaxed bank reserve requirements. It is another attempt to maintain the Chinese rate of economic growth to at least 7%. The latest industry wide cut, is the second one in less than 3 months. The last one was on February 04th, when a […]


The Reluctant Economic Recovery in Europe

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 21, 2015

The European economy was stagnating in 2014. A number of the major economies in the region were on the verge of recession and deflation was haunting the continent. Austerity was being pursued with a vengeance in a number of countries, in an attempt to pay down debt and bring national budgets back into balance. Unemployment […]


A Wider War In The Middle East Is Now More Likely Than Ever

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 16, 2015

The news that Russia was going to sell Iran advanced S-300 surface to air missiles at the beginning of the week, raised the stakes for the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. In essence, it ends the international arms embargo against Iran and underlines the failure of the United States in trying to manage the […]


Nigeria: Will The Changing Of The Guard Help Investment?

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 14, 2015

Nigeria for investors has always been a nation with great potential since independence from the United Kingdom in 1960. The Civil War from the years 1967 to 1970 dashed the earlier hopes for a stable and prosperous economy. This was the end result of corruption and a series of military coups that culminated into violence […]


China’s Next Move And Triumph: Reserve Status For The Yuan

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 9, 2015

China is gaining increasing prestige and influence in the world by carefully working within Western established institutions, when it is to their advantage and going around them when it does not support the Chinese drive towards great power status. China has been largely successful in garnering enough world wide support in the establishment of the […]


The United States Economic Recovery Continues To Sputter

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 7, 2015

Despite the constant assurance by the United States government to investors, that all is well with the domestic economy there are a number of government reports and other statistics that say otherwise. The March jobs announcement is an example of this. Economists had expected non-farm payrolls to rise to 245,000. Instead the numbers came in, […]


The Dangerous Nuclear Charade With Iran Continues

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on April 2, 2015

The second diplomatic deadline has now passed and once again there is no agreement. The United States government continues to insist that a nuclear deal is possible and almost appears desperate to get one. The nations of France, China, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom along with the United States are attempting to delay what […]


China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: The Passing Of The Torch

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on March 31, 2015

At first glimpse a new investment bank for infrastructure, would seem like a totally noncontroversial occurrence that will benefit Asian nations in desperate need of additional funding. In reality, is has become the latest challenge to American and Western hegemony over international finance and investment. The Asian bank is a massive new initiative by China […]


Federal Reserve Bank Of The United States: The Lion In Winter

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on March 30, 2015

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States which is the American equivalent of a central bank, has been the major driver of artificial economic growth not only at home but around the globe. The historic low interest rates that have been in place since 2008, have created a distortion in the domestic economy that […]


Invest In The Mineral Wealth Of South Africa

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on March 24, 2015

Making an investment in the mineral wealth of South Africa while precious metals are low in price globally, is one way to capitalize on the general decline in value for commodities at the present time. The country is a world leader and virtual treasure house of a number of valuable minerals. South Africa has become […]