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Our Global Investing Blog highlights opportunities in markets around the world. We look for opportunities in international stocks, real estate, commodities, and also bonds. The advice and recommendations are provided here are indicative of what we look for in our own investments

The Investing blog looks for the best investments around the world to counteract the continuing devaluation of the US Dollar and constant government intervention around the world. We look at the market from a global perspective and are also providing our expertise to a prominent private equity fund based in Calgary, Canada.

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The Arrival Of Quantitative Easing In Europe

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 27, 2015

Europe will begin a full fledged version of quantitative easing beginning in March of this year. To many in the markets it comes as a relief. They have allowed themselves to believe that expanding the money supply through the purchasing of government debt, will bring back growth to the staggering continent. The hope is that […]

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What Will Happen To Gold And Silver In 2015

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 22, 2015

Investors in gold and silver want to know if the new year will see a return of a bull market in precious commodities. The recent interest and pick up in price for gold and silver are the result of individuals using these two metals in particular, as a hedge against market uncertainty. Whether the recent […]


Solar Power: A Major Growth Industry In Africa

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 20, 2015

Africa south of the Sahara Desert has well over 900 million people. Yet this extensively large region, consumes less electricity than most American states or the smallest countries in Europe. Solar power could well be the answer for a continent that has not undergone the energy revolution of the 20th century. Large swaths of the […]


Economic Reforms And Investment Are Accelerating In Indonesia

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 15, 2015

Making an investment in Indonesia will gain one access to the largest domestic market in Southeast Asia. The assets of the country include lower overall labor costs, political stability and a growing middle class. Total foreign investment in 2013 reached $23.2 billion USD (United States Dollar). As in 2011 and 2012 over 50% of the […]

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The Great Recession Of 2016: The United States

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 13, 2015

The economic recovery in the United States will be celebrating its 6th birthday in June. Despite the claims of many so called experts, investors and politicians, there is no legislation that can be enacted that will repeal the business cycle. The Great Recession in the United States which helped spark the previous international economic slowdown, […]

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Europe: More Economic Trouble In 2015

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 8, 2015

European investors are facing a year of economic diminution and uncertainty. A number of underlining forces are working in tandem to bring about a declining consumer price index and a depreciating currency. The monetary leaders of Europe are now faced with the prospect of real deflation gripping the continent, for the first time in five […]


The Impact Of Plunging Oil Prices On The International Economy In 2015

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on January 6, 2015

International investors witnessed a further plunging in oil prices this week. The price of Brent oil dipped below $52.00 USD (United States Dollar) yesterday, indicating over a 4% additional decline. The cost for crude is now at a five and a half year low. Concerns about sluggish growth in Europe, East Asia and elsewhere are […]


Investing In India: A Passage To Profitability

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on December 30, 2014

It is time for investors to consider an investment in India. The big impetus for change arrived with the election of Narendra Modi in May of 2014. The new Prime Minister Modi had put forth a business friendly agenda that went much further than the initial moves put in place during the last two years […]


United States Recognition Of Cuba: The Impact On Investment

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on December 23, 2014

The United States government under President Obama decided to extend diplomatic recognition to Cuba this month. The controversy of whether this should be undertaken while the Cuban government is still listed as a sponsor of state terrorism will undoubtedly continue. The action does not actually lift the trade embargo placed on Cuba during the waning […]


How The Collapse In Oil Prices Is Destroying The Russian Economy

by Jeffrey Hagenmeier on December 18, 2014

The collapse in oil prices is destroying the Russian economy. As oil prices continue to plunge ever lower in the international market, it is bringing economic turmoil to the nations that are dependent on energy exports. Brent the international benchmark for crude, dropped an additional 0.7%. It has now dropped below $60.00 USD (United States […]