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Day Trading In Colombia

My Day Trading Office In The Colombian Coffee Region

by Marcello Arrambide on November 1, 2012

While day trading in Colombia I was day trading & travelling through some of the most remote regions of the interior of the country.  The reason for the trip was to not only see the Colombian coffee region but also to help a photographer with a video project he was working on.  The result is above. […]

Bad Ass Coffee

The Official Coffee Of The Day Trading Academy

by Marcello Arrambide on March 25, 2012

When I offered to do the Military training with a few of the guys in the training program everyone was excited because it provided me an opportunity to do more effective training and it gave everyone an opportunity to receive an education that would far exceed what they were doing already. One-on-one training is best kind […]

day trader, trader

What Day Traders Really Do

by Marcello Arrambide on February 13, 2012

I had to share this post that I just created about what everyone thinks Day Traders do.  This is a theme that has been going around the web for almost every profession and I decided to create one for day traders… enjoy!

Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull: New York City

by Marcello Arrambide on January 21, 2012